Dr Haberland is our expert for effective periodontal therapy. Modern maintenance procedures and regenerative therapy approaches as well as sophisticated biofilm management and supportive prerodontitis therapy depending on the individual risk are the cornerstones of our success-oriented gum treatment.


Surgical interventions are supported by the PRF procedure, which uses autologous blood. We have a digital workflow for everything to do with implants and treat peri-implants and edentulism under the highest hygienic standards.


Dr Vlassakidis is our expert for microscope-assisted root canal treatment. To ensure the success of your treatment, we use a disinfection-rinsing protocol, electrical length measurement, mechanical preparation with high-quality disposable instruments, usually in one session (single visit).


Do you grind your teeth and don't want to lose even more enamel? Through detailed diagnostics and interdisciplinary cooperation with physiotherapists, psychotherapists, orthopedists and ear, nose and throat specialists, we can help you with a splint made in our own laboratory and further therapy.


The Sirona Cerec System enables us to conveniently fabricate your dentures such as inlays, crowns, partial crowns or bridges in one session. We dentists manufacture your restoration from our own hands and thus avoid unnecessary sources of error. Your all-ceramic crown will be made in a fully digitized process without the hassle of molding material!


Do you want to keep your teeth longer? Regular tooth cleaning (PMPR – professional mechanical plaque reduction) in conjunction with the preventive check-up prevents caries and periodontitis. During our professional tooth cleaning, discoloration, plaque and germs are removed using the latest biofil management process with a gentle powder water jet. Through individual risk assessment, we keep an eye on your oral health!

3D-Roentgen & 3D-Print

We print in 3D. Models, splints and provisional restorations are produced in our Sprintray 3D printer.

The high-tech X-ray technology DVT (digital volume tomography) enables detailed diagnostics and more reliable planning of all surgical interventions directly on site.


N2O sedation enables fear-free treatment in full consciousness. It is suitable for children, anxious patients and even reduces the urge to gag. A titrated mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide (N2O) is inhaled. The laughing gas has completely evaporated just a few minutes after the end of the treatment.